Miscellaneous Reference Materials

The page provides copies of selected documents which are relied upon in articles posted on this website but which are generally inaccessible to scholars. Many of the documents are retyped from original sources; notification of errors in transcription would be greatly appreciated. Additional materials will be posted in response to reasonable requests. This page is divided into the following sections

European Union

Dec 1989


Commission Decision of 20 December 1989 concerning the provision in the Netherlands of express delivery services. 90/16/EEC. 

Aug 1990


Commission Decision of 1 August 1990 concerning the provision in Spain of international express courier services. 90/456/EEC

Dec 1991


Commission Decision of 2 December 1991Case No IV/M.102 - TNT / Canada Post, DBP Postdienst, La Poste, PTT Post & Sweden Post. 

Jun 1992

  Green Paper on the Development of the Single Market for Postal Services. COM(91) 476, chapters 8 and 9

Apr 1993


Case IV/32.791 - Remail Case . Commission Statement of Objections. 5 Apr 1993

May 1993


European Court of Justice. Case C-320/91 Paul Corbeau. [1993] ECR 1-2563.

Feb 1995


Commission Decision SG(95)D/1790. Case IV/32.791 - Remail. 17 Feb 1995 

Apr 1995


Commission Decision SG(95)D/4438. Case IV/32.791 - Remail. 6 Apr 1995

Aug 1995

Commission Decision SG(95)D/10794. Case IV/32.791 - Remail.  14 Aug 1995

Feb 1996

Notification of an Agreement on terminal dues (Reims) between postal operators Case No IV/35.849 - Reims. Official Journal 96/C42/06 (1996-02-14)

Jul 1996

Commission Decision of 22 July1996. Case No IV/M.787 - PTT Post/TNT - GD Net

Nov 1996

Commission Decision of 11.08.1996. 8 November 1996. Case No IV/M.843 - PTT Post/TNT/GD Express Worldwide

Oct 1997

REIMS II. "Agreement for the Remuneration of Mandatory Deliveries of Cross-Border Mails". 31 Oct 1997 

Jan 1998

Directive 97/67/EC on Common Rules for the Development of the Internal Market of Community Postal Services and the Improvement of Quality of Service. 15 December 1997. O.J. L15/14 (21 January 1998)


Notice From The Commission on the Application of the Competition Rules to the Postal Sector and on the Assessment of Certain State Measures Relating to Postal. Official Journal C 39/02. 6 February 1998

Feb 1998

Renewed Notification of an Agreement on Terminal Dues (REIMS II) between Postal Operators. Case No IV/36.748 - REIMS II. OJ C 53 20.2.98 p. 3

Jun 1998

Commission Decision of 26 June 1998. Case No. IV/M.1168 - DHL/Deutsche Post

Oct 1998

TNT Post Group. "Differences Alternative PTT Post compared to REIMS II." October 1998

Dec 1998

Price Waterhouse Coopers. "Liberalisation of incoming and outgoing intra-Community cross-border mail". December 1998.

Dec 1998

Notification of an agreement on terminal dues between postal operators. Case No IV/36.748. O.J. 1998 C 371/05 1 Dec 1998.  

Sep 1999

Commission Decision of 15 September 1999. Case No IV/36.748. OJ L 275 26.10.1999 p. 17

Oct 1999

Invitation to submit comments. State aid to Deutsche Post AG. OJ C 306 23.10.1999 p. 27

Oct 2006

Commission Proposal. A complete set, properly bookmarked, of documents related to the proposal by the EU Commission to liberalize postal services at the beginning of 2009. As placed on the Internet by the Commission on 18 Oct 2006. Original source: http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/post/index_en.htm

Universal Postal Union

Apr 1998


Germany. "Study of the Legal, Regulatory, Technological and Commercial Environment of the Single Postal Territory of the Universal Postal Union." 30 April 1998. CEP AOP-UPU 1998 - Doc 2

Apr 1998


Netherlands. "Status of UPU Members." 30 April 1998. CEP AOP-UPU 1998-Doc 4

United States

Mar 1845

Postal Act of 1845

Feb 1863

POD, Draft postal code of 1863

Jun 1872

Postal code of 1872 

Aug 1873

POD, Assistant Attorney General, Opinion No 14 (Aug 1, 1973), 1 Ops Sol POD 36 (pub 1905) 

Jun 1878

Universal Postal Convention of 1878

Jun 1881

Attorney General, Opinion of Jun 29, 1881

Jul 1885

POD, Assistant Attorney General, Opinion No 470 (Jul 10, 1885), 2 Ops Sol POD 40 (pub 1905)

Jan 1897

POD, Assistant Attorney General, Opinion of Jan. 7, 1897 (unnumbered)

Feb 1897

POD, Second Assistant Postmaster General, "Orders and Decisions Relative to Railroad Mail Matter" (Feb 6, 1897).

Apr 1898

POD, Assistant Attorney General, Opinion No. 1141 (Apr 29, 1898), 3 Ops. Sol. POD 211 (pub. 1909)

Apr 1909

POD, Assistant Attorney General, Opinion No. 1141 (Apr 29, 1898), 3 Ops Sol POD 211 (pub 1909).

May 1909

POD, Assistant Attorney General, Opinion of May 18, 1909, 5 Ops. Sol. POD 193 (pub. 1928)

Mar 1916

POD, Solicitor, Opinion of Mar 10, 1916, 6 Ops Sol POD 373 (pub 1928).

May 1916

POD, Solicitor, Opinion of May 5, 1916, 6 Ops. Sol. POD 397 (pub. 1928) 

Jun 1918

POD, Solicitor, Opinion of June 22, 1918, 6 Ops. Sol. POD 619 (pub. 1928)

Aug 1919

Postmaster General, Letter to Chairman, House Comm on Post Office and Post Roads, Aug 18, 1919 (unpub)

Jul 1973

Postal Service, "Restrictions on Private Carriage of Letters," 38 FR 17512 (Jul 2, 1973) (notice of proposed rulemaking)

Jan 1974

Postal Service, "Restrictions on Private Carriage of Letters," 39 FR 3968 (Jan 31, 1974) (revised notice of proposed rulemaking).

Sep 1974

Postal Service, "Comprehensive Standards for Permissible Private Carriage," 39 FR 33209 (Sep 16, 1974) (adoption of final rule)

Nov 1974

Postal Service, letter to mailer, Nov 22, 1974, re lack of authority to suspend criminal laws creating postal monopoly

May 1986

President Reagan, letter to Postmaster General, May 1, 1986 re remail and 1984 UPU Convention

May 1988

Department of Justice, letter to OMB, May 1, 1988, re terminal dues

Aug 1994

President Clinton, letter to Postmaster General, Aug 14, 1994, delegating authority to represent U.S. at 1994 UPU Congress

Oct 1995

Postal Service, letter to House Subcommittee on the Postal Service, Oct. 25, 1995, re authority to suspend postal monopoly 

Jul 1988

Customs Service. "A Review of U.S. Customs Treatment: International Express Mail& Express Consignment Shipments," Jul 13, 1998

Oct 1998

Public Law 105–277, Oct 21, 1998, transferring authority to represent the U.S. at the UPU to the Dept of State and for other purposes

Dec 1998

  U.S. House Comm. on Government Reorm and Oversight, Title 39, United States Code, U.S. Postal Service and Selected Additional Provisions of Law, 105th Cong., 2d Sess. Print No. 105-E (Dec. 1998)

Jan 1999

FDX Corp,  Draft Proposals to Amend the Acts of the UPU at the Congress in Beijing, Jan 14, 1999

Jan 1999

Postal Service, public presentation on terminal dues, Jan 26, 1999

Feb 1999

United States, Proposal to convene an Extraordinary Congress in 2001 to reform the UPU,  Feb 1999  

Apr 1999

Postal Service, "Comments of the United States Postal Service on the Proposal of FDX Corporation to Amend Article 40 of the UPU Convention," Apr 2, 1999 

Apr 1999

H.R. 22, 106th Cong, 1st Sess, as reported by the House Postal Service, Apr 29, 1999

Apr 1999

Postal Laws of the United States showing amendments proposed by H.R. 22

May 1999

Postal Service, letter to Dept of State re proposals to reform terminal dues and reform provisions of UPU, May 14, 1999  

Sep 1999

United States, statement, reservations, and declarations on signing UPU Convention of 1999, Sep 15, 1999

Apr 2002

Postal Service, Transformation Plan. Complete report, 6.2 Mb. (Jim Campbell contributed to this report as a consultant.)

Jul 2003

Presidential Commission on the United States Postal Service, Embracing the Future: Making the Tough Choices to Preserve Universal Service (2003). Final report of the Commission. Bookmarked version. Complete report, 6.2 Mb. (Jim Campbell contributed to this report as a consultant.)

Feb 2006

Side-by-Side of House and Senate Versions of H.R. 22, “The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act” (Feb. 25, 2006). A full text comparison of the bill as approved by the House of Representatives and placed on the Senate calendar on July 27, 2005, H.R. 22 PCS ("Placed Calendar Senate"), and the bill as later approved and engrossed in the Senate with an amendment in the nature of a substitute on February 9, 2006, HR 22 EAS (Engrossed Amendment Senate).

Jan 2007

Title 39 Markup: Title 39, United States Code, Showing Changes by The Postal Accountability And Enhancement Act Of 2006 (Ver. 1.0, Jan. 3, 2007).

Jan 2007

Title 39 as Amended: Title 39, United States Code As Amended by The Postal Accountability And Enhancement Act Of 2006 (Ver. 1.0, Jan. 3, 2007).

Mar 2007

Title 39 as Amended: Title 39, United States Code As Amended by The Postal Accountability And Enhancement Act Of 2006 (Ver. 2.0, Mar 12, 2007). Based upon the slip law, Pub. L. 109-435, 120 Stat. 3198-3263. Includes provisions of the PAEA codified in the slip law as notes to Title 39, United States Code, and selected uncodified provisions of the PAEA.