Handbook of Worldwide Postal Reform 

Handbook of Worldwide Postal Reform (2008)

Michael Crew, Paul Kleindorfer, and James I. Campbell Jr., eds., Cheltenham, U.K.: Edward Elgar, 2008. Cloth bound. 460 pages. ISBN 978-1-84720-957-3.

The postal and delivery sector has been the subject of considerable interest in recent years. This book brings together a number of contributions directed at understanding developments in the field of postal reform. The authors review the experience and plans of individual countries to provide some perspective on the problems faced in the area and the varied approaches being taken to address it. They also review key elements of policy and strategy that are important in this debate. Gradual change occurred throughout the world's postal systems during the 1990s and into the 21st century. These regulatory and legal developments, together with advances in micro-electronics, fiber optics, and with the possibility of electronic substitution, continue to have a major impact on the sector.

Regulatory changes have been most visible in Europe with the approval of the 3rd Postal Directive for the European Union in 2008. However, Europe has not been alone in facing these changes, as reform legislation in the US has also attempted to respond to changes in postal markets with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA). Similar trends toward restructuring and reform of the sector are evident in other countries as well. This comprehensive book analyses and describes the forces underlying these changes, the nature of the responses to them at the country and regional level and some of the major challenges that postal operators, postal customers and regulators are likely to encounter in the future. Scholars and students of regulation in general and those specifically interested in the postal and delivery sector will find this volume invaluable, as will policymakers and professionals within the industry.

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The Rise of Global Delivery Services 

The Rise in Global Delivery Services: A Case Study in International Regulatory Reform (2001)

James I. Campbell Jr. Potomac, MD.: JCampbell Press, 2001. Cloth bound. 768 pages. ISBN 0-9711864-0-5.

This book offers an account of how couriers and express companies used legislative advocacy, litigation, public relations, public affairs, and scholastic appeal to encourage regulatory reforms in the United States, Europe, and intergovernmental organizations during the last quarter of the twentieth century to open the way for development of global delivery services that integrate both private carriers and leading public post offices.

Nine public policy issues are described: U.S. postal monopoly and couriers, international excess baggage rights, U.S. customs restrictions, European postal monopolies, international customs reform (Customs Cooperation Council), international remail, European postal reform, U.S. postal reform, and reform of the Universal Postal Union. In each case, a summary of the course of events is followed by copies of major policy presentations from the period. An introductory chapter summarizes the evolution of international delivery services sector and pertinent legal regimes.

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Postal Laws of the United States 

Postal Laws of the United States (2011)

Compiled by James I. Campbell Jr. Potomac, MD.: JCampbell Press, 2011.Paper bound. 302 p. ISBN 978-0-9711864-1-5.

This book provides a compilation of the principal statutes and international agreements governing the provision of postal services in the United States. 

Chapter 1. The Postal Service (Title 39). Title 39 establishes the United States Postal Service and the Postal Regulatory Commission and includes most of the laws governing postal services. The books reprints Title 39 in full, current through February 1, 2010.

Chapter 2: Uncodified Postal Statutes. Includes (i) provisions of the pre-1970 version of Title 39 that continue to govern aspects of rates for non-profit organizations; (ii) provisions of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (2006) requiring federal agencies to prepare several significant postal policy studies; and (iii) a provision from annual appropriations bills that mandates (in part) "universal service" in the United States.

Chapter 3: Federal Employment Laws (Title 5). Selected provisions from federal employment laws which govern pensions and benefits for Postal Service employees.

Chapter 4: Inspector General Act (Title 5 App). Provisions which establish the Inspectors General for the Postal Service and Postal Regulatory Commission.

Chapter 5: Criminal Laws Relating to Postal Service (Title 18). The book reprints in full chapter 83 of the criminal code which establishes the postal monopoly, the mailbox monopoly, and crimes that punish transgressions against the Postal Service.

Chapter 6: Customs and Trade Laws (Title 19). Includes (i) statutory provisions that govern the collection of duties on low value items shipped by postal and delivery services; (ii) provisions that prescribe security regulations for outbound international mail; and (iii) provisions governing intergovernmental agreements relating to trade in international postal and delivery services.

Chapter 7: Aviation Laws (Title 49). Provisions that govern the transportation of mail by air carriers, especially in international commerce.

Chapter 8: Universal Postal Convention (2008). The Convention is the primary intergovernmental agreement relating to postal services. The Convention is to be revised and reenacted by the Universal Postal Union in a general Congress to be convened in Doha in September 2012.

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